02/06/2018 – Alexanderplatz – Black and White

Black and white street photography

Monochrome photography is where the image contains only one hue rather than all the colours of the rainbow, this can be in tones of grey as in classic black and white photography, but sepia and cyan can also be used to great effect.

Monochrom photography is very often used for artistic reasons, and as colours and their interplay are no longer present to distract, key elements such as lighting and composition take on a new priority.

We will be shooting in monochrome and NOT shooting in colour and just desaturating our best pictures at home in Photoshop afterwards, that’s cheating, so make sure you know how to set your camera correctly before you come to the event please, but the easiest option will probably be to use one of the automatic filter settings most modern cameras come equipped with as standard – that’s what I’ll be doing.


The “Alex” to the locals, this square has variously been a cattle market, a military parade ground, and is now, together with the surrounding area, a huge pedestrian-shopping-zone and the most visited in the whole of Berlin.

The “Fersehturm”, the TV-Tower, the second tallest building in the EU, the World Clock, trams, a main rail station, regular festivals, an abundance of street performers, thousands of pedestrians, there’s something for everyone here, a street photographer’s delight.


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June 2, 2018 - 2:00 pm

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Meeting Point

Alexanderplatz – World Clock, ,


Meet directly under the world clock on the Alexanderplatz.

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