11/08/2018 – Teufelsberg – Abandoned / Urban Art


The devil’s mountain, it sounds like something out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, inhabited by evil stepmothers and angry dwarfs, but no such worries here, it’s actually just one of the huge piles of rubble created from the damage to Berlin during WW2, and during the cold war the occupying US forces built a listening station on the top of it.

Due to the fall of the Berlin wall and a thaw in relations between east and west the station had no further purpose and was eventually abandoned, left to effects of time and nature.

Photo opportunities:

Not only is it now one of the most accessible “lost places” in Berlin, offering great opportunities for urban and street art photography, but it’s also one of the highest points in the Berlin landscape offering spectacular views over the Berlin area, particularly at sunset.


At present the towers and upper floor is closed due to safety issues, but it is still one of the best locations in Berlin. For all those fit enough we will later taking a walk to the neighbouring Drachenberg.


Transport is limited, the best nearest public transport is the S-Bahn Heerstraße, from where it’s still a 30+ minute hike to get there, including a rather strenuous hill climb, but it is worth it.

Please, if anyone has health problems, a weak heart or is weak willed, it would be advisable not to attend.

Please wear sensible shoes and bring enough water or other liquid for the walk, because there’s none on the way.

Public transport:

This is a bring a camera and shoot event, suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced photographer, in fact anyone who wishes to improve their photography skills through practice, the main emphasis is on developing creative compositional skills rather than technical expertise.

If possible please bring 2 prints of previous work to the event, so that we all have something to pass around, discuss and critique during the refreshment break.
This service is available in all branches of Rossmann and prints can easily be made there and then in approximately 5 minutes – 13cm x 18cm Premium Fotoabzüge mit weißem Rand = €0,23 per print.
A tablet or smart phone is unfortunately not a suitable alternative.

If you have problems with PayPal, or don’t have a PalPal account because you still live in the 19th century, please bring it in cash.

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August 11, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Please be punctual.


Meeting Point

S-Bahn Heerstraße for Teufelsberg, Heerstraße, 14055 Berlin


Meeting point: Outside the station on the corner of Heerstraße / Teufelsseestraße.

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